Thanks for your interest in joining our Fall League.
The league begins on May 9/14/2017 at 7:00PM! and meets weekly on Thursday Evenings at 7:30PM.
You can join at ANYTIME during our season! 

Our league is for all players, both casual and competitive players alike. Don't fret about your skill. We group players based on your playing skills. You won't ever feel out of place!
Mermaid Entertainment Center
2200 Highway 10
Mounds View, MN 55122
What is your first name? *

Hi {{answer_47632367}}, What is your last name? *

What city are you coming from? *

We are always looking to grow! Sharing helps us with future location choices!
Have you played in our leagues before? *

Thanks for participating {{answer_47632367}} it's because of you  leagues and location pinball is growing at East Side Pinball!!

Being a Current League participant, we would love to have you help us shape the future leagues!

Please note that the Spring League will continue in the normal format previously used. 
Do you want our league to be IFPA sanctioned? *

Don't worry {{answer_47632367}}, this is just for information used to better serve you in 2018. All our leagues in 2017 are currently IFPA sanctioned.
How should we group the players? *

How would you like us to pick the 5 games played each evening? *

With option A league night goes faster. With option B you have the ability to get a bonus point but groups are stuck waiting for other groups finish, leading to longer league nights.

Is there something you'd like us to change, do differently, or implement in the future?

Our league meets every Thursday for 7 weeks at 7:30. (7:00P for the first night to go over everything)

The cost is $20.00 plus Coin Drop. Your group would play 5 games. Machine Prices are between $.50 and $1.00. If you use PayRange it's $.45 and $.89.

Fee is collected week 1 or 2 and 100% of this is PAID BACK to League Players. East Side Pinball only collects this to payback to members at the FREE PLAY EVENT FUN NIGHT.

If you cannot afford to pay this fee, please email after you register here and East Side Pinball will cover the costs for you to participate. This will be private and nobody will ever know! You'll still need to cover your Coin Drop per week. 
Meet Dan Dolney
Dan has been our League Director for several years and volunteers his time and commitment to better serve both the League and East Side Pinball!
Have questions about League or how to score points on any of our games? Dan will undoubtably offer his experience to help!

Would you like the option of buying a PayRange PlayCard that gives you unlimited play each league night from 6PM-Midnight for $10?

You would pay $60 for the PlayCard and every Thursday we will email you a PayRange Code that will allow unlimited play from 6PM-Midnight on Thursday. This is obviously optional, we value your opinion {{answer_47632367}}.
and lastly, what's your cell phone number {{answer_47632367}}? *

We collect this so our League Director can reach out to you in the event you aren't there when we are ready to start. This ensures we don't have groups waiting.
Thanks for registering for our Spring League {{answer_47632367}} , See you on Thursday, 9/21 at 7:30P!
Mermaid Entertainment Center
2200 Highway 10
Mounds View, MN 55122
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